Rocky Creek War Memorial Park

After attending church in Tolga, we drove towards Mareeba to the Rocky Creek War Memorial Park. (Camps 6: 221) It is a huge park, with a large paddock section made available for campers. Other than a look around the memorial part of the part, we were here to have a relaxing time in between visits to a doctor about my infected ear. (He recommended a visit to an ENT specialist since it was taking too long to heal) and other required visits.

Rocky Creek Memorial Park
Again we meet up with other campers whom we had met previously. After a day there, Lorraine and Brian rolled up too, whom we had first befriended back at Walker’s Creek and then again at Ravenshoe. It is great to meet up. It makes me feel more a part of a ongoing community.

Rob discovered with the help of another camper that the noise we had been experiencing was the fan belt after all – one of them was missing. Rob has been carrying spare parts of several items since we first hit the road a few years ago and yes, thankfully, we had fan belts too! It was a rotten fiddly job and took a good 2 hours into the early evening under lamplight. (Gee! I know I am certainly glad to be a woman at times like these!). All up with the doctor visits requiring 2 separate day trips back to Cairns etc, we ended up staying here for 5 nights before moving on.

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